Wednesday, 23 August 2017

High street fashion shoes or quality designer shoes ?

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So what would you choose ?High street fashion or classic designed shoes for your special occasion? Especially if you are mother of the bride or groom,as you are also the centre of attention on the big day..
We have nothing against fashion shoes,but the title says it all, fashion, and as we know fashions come and go, and when you look back at your pictures from your event you see right away that your shoes and bag are outdated now.
We and our buyers prefer the classic look,they never go out of fashion, and look as good when vintage .Obviously workmanship and quality materials play a big part in how your accessories look and last ,high street fashion is cheaper and mass-produced, and not made with durability in mind, and this reflects in the wear you get from your item.
Top quality Italian designers like Renata use 100 % leather throughout  the construction.The designs are simple and chic,with just the right amount of detailing, no blingy look, and the overall effect is pure sophistication.
Designer shoes do come more expensive, not just for the designer label but for the quality of the materials used and the finish.
We offer new and once used designer shoes and matching bags all your special occasions,mother of the bride/groom, a cruise, a christening,awards ceremony and all at very affordable prices,and whatever your choice they will never be out of fashion !

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